Defi Is A Billion Dollar Industry That Is Welcoming Millennials In 2021

Millennials love DeFi and passive income in the 21st century

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One of the most prevalent DeFi use cases is lending and is turning into a multi-billion-dollar industry with more than $60 billion locked in smart contracts. Also known as "Open Finance", and it's an essential aspect of providing liquidity to consumers and businesses alike by leveraging crypto assets. DeFi loans are far more accessible than traditional banking, where the consumer must go through a continual documentation procedure to show their creditworthiness. To acquire a loan with low-interest rates, the borrower must announce a willingness to borrow in fiat or stablecoins and deposit collateral in any of the accepted cryptocurrencies. Other network members deposit cash into a lending pool governed by a smart contract providing liquidity for borrowing. If they participate in the lending pool, the investors get interest on their deposits.

Meanwhile, smart contracts that manage the banking experience enable failsafe to avoid default or a dramatic reduction in collateral value by compelling the borrower to produce extra collateral or liquidating the collateral if its value falls below a particular threshold. Similarly, if the value of crypto assets kept as collateral increases, the borrower becomes responsible for further loans secured by the current collateral. The Impulseven Lending network, which is a decentralised solution, is available to both individuals and businesses. Users may borrow in stablecoins via the website after inputting a range of crypto assets as collateral. Borrowers will benefit from increased convenience if the platform charges low-interest rates. Borrowers may now use Impulseven's Lending platform to borrow stable currencies and earn passive interest in the form of Impulseven token variations. Investors that stake or contribute tokens to a lending pool get as interest as rewards.

Passive Income through DeFi is Millennials Hedge Against Inflation

Impulseven is an all-in-one DeFi ecosystem that includes a variety of DeFi solutions. The network is on a journey to create DeFi solutions available to everyone by providing an easy-to-use system with rigorous openness, security, and dependability. It is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by the ERC20 Impulseven token. It also makes financial transactions easier by eliminating the need for costly intermediaries and third-party facilitators. A state-of-the-art decentralised exchange, AI-based arbitrage trading bot, Derivative markets Trading Platform, lending platform, decentralised recurring billing, yield farming and staking incentives, and more are among the DApps available on the platform.

Together with their underpinning blockchain and smart contracts, the growing usage of cryptocurrencies allows for trustless transactions, making traditional systems less of a must and more of choice. DeFi solutions, such as Impulseven, encapsulates the benefits of blockchain and decentralised ledger technology. As a result, trustless procedures are being widely used to conduct even the most complicated transactions without the use of middlemen or the fear of being held captive by a third-party organisation.

Impulseven's AI-based arbitrage trading bot and Derivative Trading Platform are its distinguishing features. Artificial intelligence-powered arbitrage Trading Bots will be able to profitably execute cross-platform trades by using variable prices of crypto assets across several decentralised exchanges. While the fundamentals of arbitrage trading are not new, and there are several trading bots on the market today, there are very few, if any, that operate in a decentralised environment, Impulseven is a Yield Farming platform that pays out competitive yearly percentage returns in Impulseven tokens. Yield Farming provides extra cash to the company, allowing it to expand its DeFi business. The code allows for the delivery of a group of yield farming assets that are financed. Users may stake their native Impulseven tokens on Impulseven's website as well. The platform's staking system is intended to deliver as dividends to all stakers 80% of the fees produced on all Impulseven transactions. These payouts begin as soon as Impulseven tokens are staked, and dividends are distributed every three days. The dividend would be added to the stake, raising the total quantity of Impulseven tokens staked over time.

The Millennials are looking for passive income and DeFi is an optimum solution to their ever growing needs with more than 12% APY and various other features to get rich - Millennials are moving towards DeFi and leaving stocks behind. Startups like Impulseven are building a decentralized DeFi ecosystem for everyone to join to build a programmable economy of tommorow.

Julian Lim

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Julian Lim is a technology entrepreneur and researcher. Julian has graduated from NUS in intelligent systems and started his career pursuing data analytics and research. He’s also an editor and senior writer at Startup Fortune, covering technology, startups, AI, blockchain and entrepreneurship.

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