Instagram Can Be Your Best Friend When Building Business

Turning to the social media platform's automation tools means making use of bots to do routine tasks on your behalf

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Instagram has indeed come a long way. From serving a vast social network of online users with ogle-worthy images for browsing, this popular platform has stepped up its game into being one of the most valuable social media marketing tools you can leverage for your business. The platform's one billion active users monthly can definitely attest to that.

Alongside its rise to fame, however, comes a price. If you are a business owner, then you probably are aware of this inevitable consequence. The more users the platform attracts, the tighter the competition. And when the going gets tough, you also need to be well-equipped to keep your marketing campaign rolling.

Enter Instagram automation.

You might have heard about the use of automated tools as you searched for Instagram marketing tactics. These tools are deemed especially useful in your quest to save you time while scoring positive metrics.

In a nutshell, turning to Instagram automation tools means making use of bots to do routine tasks on your behalf. It hits the like and follow buttons for you and performs other run-of-the-mill Instagram account-related actions based on your programmed settings.

Used properly, these Instagram automation tools can help save time and effort on your part, while also help achieve your goals. Whether you are a hands-on rookie entrepreneur, there are still some things you should consider if you want to effectively use these powerful automation tools.

Have a Good Content Foundation

Getting past Instagram's algorithm by means of intelligent bots and automation is one thing, but making sure you benefit from its effective use is another. While these tools are built to multiply your account's followers and increase engagement, your real reward comes in once these users see something valuable in your profile.

Here's how it works: You sign up with an Instagram automation tool provider and tweak its filters to your preferences. The bots then access your Instagram account and perform likes and user follows based on your settings. Obviously, these users get notified about your account's activity on their feed and, naturally, they will explore your profile. When this happens, you need to have a good enough bio and grid to welcome that user. If you have visually-appealing and valuable content to offer, then you gain a genuine follower.

Bottom line is, you need to start getting serious about your Instagram stories and posts to keep those follow backs coming.

Strike a Balance

Employing Instagram automation tools is essentially delegating cyclic and repetitive tasks, so you can focus on other important matters. Unfortunately, others make the mistake of handing over the reins to these bots and allowing things to go on autopilot.

Effective use of these automation tools is not just about dropping off your account's login credentials and waiting for results to happen. If you want to take advantage of Instagram automation, you need to do your fair share as well. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting flagged down for malicious account activity.

Reverse the scenario by treating these automation tools as supplements. Go ahead and program those user-targeted likes and follows, but make sure each subsequent engagement is authentic. Take charge of the comments section and reach out to your audience naturally. This way, you can leverage Instagram's key algorithm feature (relationships) and show both the platform and your followers that your brand and business is worth the spotlight and recognition.

Utilize Added Features

Most, if not all, Instagram automation tools come with a nifty set of added features. For example, you can amp up your multitasking tactics by gathering multiple accounts in these automation tools' centralized dashboard.

You can also benefit from the marketing insights offered by these tools in their analytics and reports. This way, you have a tangible point of comparison as you gather data on current Instagram trends.

For Instagram automation tools that help you with content scheduling, seize the opportunity to get a preview of how your grid will appear to your audience. Regardless of your choice, effective use of these tools means taking in every aspect and using it to your business' advantage.

Your business, no matter what niche it belongs to, is multifaceted. You have to deal with growth and expansion, client relationship and interaction, and nonstop competition. So, it comes with no surprise if you seek for ways to be more efficient as you deal with the many roles and responsibilities it entails.

Social media marketing-wise, you can bank on Instagram automation tools to achieve optimal levels of efficiency. Used effectively, you can break free from a repetitive Instagram routine while simultaneously gaining in-app popularity. As you increase the time on your hands, you can channel productivity towards other vital elements of your business and aspects that you specialize in.

Rana Tarakji

Founder, One SEO


Originally from the US, Rana Tarakji is the founder of One SEO, a multinational link building agency, author of Off-site SEO guide: A Hands-On SEO Tutorial For Beginners & Dummies, and a Web content specialist who now lives in Beirut, Lebanon. 

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