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Meet The CEO Who Is Transforming The Talent Business Across The Middle East And Beyond. Gosia is the founder of the MMG Group of companies, launched in 2008, which includes MMG Models, MMG Artists, and MMG Talent, democratizing opportunities in the creative industry. This ecosystem of services has allowed her to offer comprehensive solutions to her clients, adapting and evolving according to market demands.

By Liam Keeney

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At the age of 21, in the vibrant setting of Dubai, Gosia began her entrepreneurial journey with a passion for fashion and art, driven by an innate entrepreneurial spirit inherited from her family.

Over time, she has built a business empire known for its innovation and leadership in the creative sector. Gosia is the founder of the MMG Group of companies, launched in 2008, which includes MMG Models, MMG Artists, and MMG Talent, democratizing opportunities in the creative industry. This ecosystem of services has allowed her to offer comprehensive solutions to her clients, adapting and evolving according to market demands.

Gosia Golda recently granted us an interview where she expressed some of her plans and the vision she has for the business ecosystem across her industry.

MMG has evolved significantly since its foundation in 2008. How has the process of expanding into new business verticals been like, and what challenges have you faced along the way?

As an entrepreneur, I believe that your business reflects your own journey of expansion, change, and progress. Therefore, the process of expansion has unfolded quite naturally. There has been a clear market demand for our services, prompting us to broaden our scope.

Running a business always comes with challenges, but when you're passionate about what you do, you attract like-minded individuals and clients who appreciate your dedication. Personally, I enjoy the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship—it keeps me on my toes and requires continual learning and skill development. Witnessing the progress and growth is immensely satisfying. Looking back at our humble beginnings and seeing how far we've come, both professionally and personally, is truly gratifying.

The expansion into the Saudi Arabian market is yet another noteworthy milestone for MMG. Could you share with our readers some of the strategies you are applying to establish a solid position for your company and the talent you represent?

Once again, it's a very organic and natural process, driven by the fact that many of our clients are expanding into Saudi Arabia and wish to continue collaborating with us. Thus, we aim to be present to support them in this exciting new market. The vision of leaders in these regions is expansive, and we believe it's essential not to limit ourselves. We are fully prepared and eager for further growth.

On the path to digitalization, MMG is innovating with an app designed to enhance the way talent and clients interact. What inspired its development and what do you hope to accomplish once it is launched?

I have a passion for technology, and developing this application has been in the plans for some time. The goal is to create a platform that simplifies and accelerates the process for talents to connect with markets globally. This initiative was made possible through collaboration with my sister, Kasia Golda, who is also an Executive Director at MMG, and Dawid Koniecki, our CTO managing this project. Currently, we are expanding not only in the GCC region but also in Europe, particularly in Paris and London, where MMG Models and Artists have been present since 2019. Our aim is to connect the world to the Middle East and the Middle East to the world. I hope that every creative individual will have the opportunity to express their talent through our platform. We are committed to helping them stand up and shine.

MMG Models and MMG Talent have played crucial roles in the success of your brand. As you expand into new markets, how are you merging the strengths of both divisions to offer a unique value proposition for talent and clients alike?

We believe clients want to work with agencies that provide excellent service and understand their needs. If they are happy working with us, it's guaranteed they will come and ask us to provide them with more. Our clients, in order to grow, need reliable partners in the region with industry know-how and understanding of regional specifics, like MMG.

How do you choose your employees and team members? What has been the criteria that has helped you make the right decisions when hiring new staff?

I personally pay attention to passion, drive, commitment, and eagerness to learn. A friendly personality with a sense of humor is important, as we can't take ourselves too seriously. We typically look for individuals who are familiar with MMG and are seeking an opportunity to join because they know and appreciate what we do. The aura of the person is also very important; we want to feel like a family at MMG.

What vision do you have for the growth of your career in the next five years, both personally and professionally? Is there any goal or project in particular that you are particularly excited to accomplish with the MMG group of companies?

There is, but it's a bit of a secret for now. Watch this space, as we don't stand still. The future is bright and exciting. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I admire other leaders who turn their passion into business ventures and communities where people thrive. I hope to see this trend continue in the near future.


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