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This Australian Millionaire Believes in Making a Comeback Bryan Seiler, founder and CEO of TAGZ Exchange, talks about business and how he survived a criticism storm

By Entrepreneur Staff

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Bryan Seiler, founder, and CEO of TAGZ Exchange has become a familiar face throughout the crypto community with his rising fame over the last several years that can be attributed to his involvement in recent companies, he founded and seen success, though debatable.

During the early stages of 2018, Seiler was the sole founder of Fitrova, a cryptocurrency project which aimed to bring about change in the health and fitness industry through utilizing blockchain technology through the app Fitrova Fitness Tracker. Though Fitrova was backed by various global gym partnerships, the project ultimately crumbled due to, arguably, a large uncontrollable amount of fear, uncertainty and doubt eventuating from a targeted group of perpetrators proven to be scammers and hackers, according to Seiler.

In 2018, Seiler was also director of Twilx Web Solutions, a well known leading search engine optimization company that he used as a springboard to combat the harassment and false accusations made to Fitrova by using the existing brand's credibility and trustworthiness in the space.

This didn't work out as planned, however, as Bryan began to attract a following from two separate groups of people, "lovers' and "haters'. On one hand, there are people who trust Bryan, and on the other there are those who completely despise him.

According to Seiler, the haters were recruited as part of an organized syndicate which only started based on personal grievances as the Fitrova token was accepted and trading on the COSS crypto exchange which these people did not like. These people were also initial investors of COSS and had personal agenda, he says.

This sparked a lot of controversy in the days of Fitrova and the number of people who did not like Seiler grew in numbers who, according to Seiler, believed in absolute lies and rumours fed to them by the very same group of initial bad actors. Seiler says there are still a small number of haters even today. Seiler however is focused on following people who trust him.

Bryan Seiler is now Founder & CEO of TAGZ Exchange which is at present one of the largest crypto exchanges by trading volume and liquidity in the world.

Bryan's unique way of looking at rough situations only fuels his hunger and determination to succeed by seeing obstacles as mere hurdles to overcome rather than walls that cannot be crossed. With the shear amount of personal attacks and attempts to discredit Bryan Seiler and tarnish the TAGZ brand, Seiler has remained resilient in the face of adversity and continues to prove doubters and haters wrong by making bigger and stronger waves in business.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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