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New Year, New You? Unleash The Power You've Always Had With Robert Simic Are you ready to take control of your destiny in 2024? If the idea of breaking free from the shackles that have held you back resonates with you, then congratulations - you've just stumbled upon an extraordinary opportunity!

By Benjamin Jones

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Robert Simic

"You can change anything you want to within yourself," declares Robert Simic, founder of Robert Simic Coaching Institute from the heart of Dubai. "Whether it's traumatic memories, emotions, piled up baggage, sadness, or phobias, you can overcome it all and experience lasting change."

Simic is an internationally renowned life coach who teaches people to rewire their brains for success and also helps others follow in his footsteps and become LIFE coaches as well. Simic has helped people from all over the world including the United States, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, and South Africa, to unleash the power within and elevate their lives.

He grew up with what he refers to as a "poverty mindset," and says that while traditional psychology books would tell you that you can't change your core beliefs and that you have to deal with your character and things that you were dealt with, he chose not to believe that and eventually found a way to change his beliefs and his overall life. "My life quality has extremely improved as a result," he tells us.

But getting to that point wasn't easy. Simic made mistakes and learned a lot of lessons along the way, just like millions of people do around this time of year. In a world where many set goals for personal development and fail to follow through for a variety of reasons, Simic emphasizes that the true essence of change lies not in setting goals alone, but in embarking on a transformative journey.

His coaching goes beyond typical New Year's resolutions and provides a roadmap to navigate through the challenges of traumatic memories, emotional hurdles, and the baggage that may have accumulated over time. He helps you "unbecome" who you weren't in the first place, allowing you to peel back the layers of conditioning from the environment you grew up in, to go back to who you truly are.

"When you look at babies, they're in a flow. They're creative, they're passionate, they're in awe of everything. They don't think, 'oh, this baby is better looking than me and her house is better.' That's not our natural way of being. It's not our natural essence," he explains.

"So given that from zero to seven years old, we are unconscious recorders of our environments, we essentially become whatever it is that we experience, but once you do the work and leave what's not serving you, you become who you were before it all."

Simic's coaching methods are rapidly gaining global recognition, not just for his ability to guide individuals through breakthroughs but also for his proprietary RS Method. This method, explored during a 10-day workshop, serves as a profound immersion into rewiring the brain for lasting change.

"What makes it different is that we manage to integrate conscious learning with the tools and techniques needed to make actual changes on an unconscious level," he shares. It becomes an "integrative approach" which he explains is necessary in order to create room for a real transformation. "If you exclude one of those aspects, there's no real lasting change," he emphasizes.

The 10-day workshop called the "RS Method Workshop," unfolds like a saga, commencing with the initial two days serving as a fusion of science and spirituality, something that Simic believes "really wakes people up."

"Once they get it, they want more because they stop pointing fingers everywhere else and realize that change is happening within themselves only," Simic says. From day three onwards, the workshop delves into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) until day six, setting the stage for what Simic describes as transformative revelations on days seven and eight.

Here, participants encounter tools that seem almost too good to be true, designed to alleviate deep-seated pain, anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, and any other emotional burdens.

"Day seven opens up a whole new section that's unique to my training, where we have tools that you wouldn't believe what's possible." But don't get it confused - this isn't a quick fix or "magic pill" that promises to fix all of your problems. Simic's RS Method is a blend of science and spirituality that's designed to help you release limiting beliefs and choices that are potentially damaging the quality of your life.

Simic acknowledges the skepticism but challenges it with a bold claim: "Give me an hour with someone carrying heavy emotional baggage, and I'll help them overcome it entirely and forever." He insists that these transformations during his 10-day workshop are genuine and tangible.

He confronts the conventional wisdom around changing limiting beliefs, stating, "Most approaches involve affirmations, positive thinking, or looking in the mirror and saying, 'I'm a millionaire.' But work with me through a heavy limiting belief, and I'll not only disconnect the old one, I'll install the new, desired one so thoroughly that you'll never believe you used to have the old one. It becomes part of you."

As the 10-day journey concludes, participants emerge not with fabricated changes, but with a profound sense of self-awareness and a toolkit for authentic, lasting transformation. Simic's RS Method invites individuals to explore the depths of their potential, offering a pathway to genuine change that transcends the rhetoric of New Year resolutions.

If you're ready to release what no longer serves you, embrace new possibilities, and step into a future defined by your own terms, visit Robert Simic's coaching website today! Whether you aspire to transform your career, conquer emotional hurdles, or undergo a holistic life change, Robert Simic's coaching provides the guidance and tools to turn aspirations into tangible achievements.


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