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The Rise Of Digital Nomad Life Has Created New Communities Globally Social interaction through community helps us regulate the nervous system, which is especially important during times of global uncertainty

By Julian Lim

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In the last couple of years, we have all experienced a big change in how we live our lives, and how we show up for ourselves and others. We have learned to live each day to the fullest, and our priorities have shifted. Many are seeking a more peaceful way of living that enables them to live balanced, healthy lives. With over 15 million Americans now working remotely, it's no surprise that there has been an increasing trend to relocate to the most beautiful spots around the world, giving a new meaning to home-life by being surrounded by jungle gardens and grand ocean views. Working from beautiful locations such as Costa Rica, Bali or Greece has become a widespread trend, giving rise to a demand for housing that offers everything needed for today's digital nomad lifestyle.

Work from paradise

Who wouldn't love to come home to beautiful vistas, after a morning surf session, getting ready to hop on a Zoom call surrounded by tropical nature? Living in paradise and working from home sounds exciting, but it doesn't come without its challenges. Finding homes that support today's remote live/work lifestyle—including fast, reliable Internet and a comfortable work space—can sometimes seem impossible. To be able to live and work comfortably, many are choosing to become homeowners in these beautiful places, investing in real estate to make their money work for them. Those who want to build their own home, have quickly realized the daunting task; it can take years to get all the permits needed, not to mention the challenges that come with the process of building a home in a foreign country. Constructing homes in a sustainable, eco-friendly way can also prove difficult. But aside from just finding a suitable place to live, there's other important factors to consider. Is working from home, even if it's in the most beautiful part of this world, sustainable?

The human connection

The importance of community, and being able to interact with others face-to-face, has become evident. Social interaction through community helps us regulate the nervous system, which is especially important during times of global uncertainty. This sense of community is an important factor in the well-being we are all seeking. How can we create those connections while we are working from home? As we are seeking to live more fully, it is important for our well-being to connect with like-minded individuals away from the screen. Some entrepreneurs have recognized this need, and there is now an emerging trend in building eco-communities for digital nomads in some of the most popular destinations. The communities help nurture those connections, while providing everything needed for those seeking to work form home in exotic locations.

Serving the needs of today's digital nomad

One of such co-working communities is YokoVillage, located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: one of the hubs for digital nomads. Nurturing a healthy, balanced lifestyle, these communities not only offer luxury villas and bungalows, but are fully managed with staff, security, and onsite maintenance.

"YokoVillage is centered around the well-being of its residents while focusing on building a creative and productive co-working community," says Liran Rosenfeld, Founder of YokoVillage. "We understand the needs of remote workers, providing a perfectly balanced work-home environment." With amenities such as a community center with high-speed Internet, high-tech co-working spaces, as well as a restaurant and cafe, fitness center, yoga deck, and organic community gardens, communities such as YokoVillage are the perfect destination for those seeking to live their lives from a place of well-being. "We established the first community of like-minded individuals interested in living healthier lives connected to nature, while achieving their professional goals," adds Liran, who has been pioneering new possibilities for a generation of professional nomads. "We are creating the future of co-working communities, and our residents know they'll forever be inspired by the humans, nature and facilities that surround Yoko Villages."
Julian Lim

Tech entrepreneur, researcher and editor at Startup Fortune

Julian Lim is a technology entrepreneur and researcher. Julian has graduated from NUS in intelligent systems and started his career pursuing data analytics and research. He’s also an editor and senior writer at Startup Fortune, covering technology, startups, AI, blockchain and entrepreneurship.
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