Why Being 'Playful' is Vital for Success Want to know how to strike a work-life balance? Take a look at how these five entrepreneurs are acing it

By Pooja Singh

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Five founders of start-ups in the Asia-Pacific region tell us about their favourite activities and how they help them in their work life.

-With inputs from Komal Nathani and Nidhi Singh

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Abhinav Girdhar

Fitness Goals

I am a fitness enthusiast. It is only when I have done my time in the gym and gone for my daily run, that I feel centered and at peace. On my daily run, I take advantage of the solace I get and take the time to organize the day and future activities of the week in my head. So, when I come to work, I am sorted and ready to get in action, instead of playing catch up.
Anar Chinbaatar

Speed Thrills

I am an avid but amateur motorsport enthusiast. The speed, the wind in my hair, just the feeling of being on the track is meditative. It helps me relax. I don't think about anything else. This helps me build focus, which is useful
because there are always too many things to deal with in office. When hurdles, big or small, come my way on the track, I have to make quick decisions. This sharpens my decision-making skills.


Patta Arkaresvimun

Yoga For Peace

Yoga gives me a chance to pause my thinking about work. It helps me keep stress at bay and provides new perspectives on problem-solving. I also try to spend as much time as possible with my children. We go to parks, indulge in outdoor activities: hiking, for instance. It always motivates me to work harder.


Ruth Hatherley

Sportive Pursuits

Horse riding, meditation and running are my favourite activities. Meditation and running are solitary pursuits.
They help me cultivate self-awareness and give me an opportunity to reset. It helps me take stock of priorities
both at home and at work. Exercise is important to stay fit and crucial for my mental health. Horse riding is an activity I share with my daughter, which is very special. These activities make me ready to tackle the challenges in office.
Liam Bates

Learning From Climbing

Climbing mountains is very useful to my work. In fact, it's similar to my work — pursuing something that's challenging and constantly looking at risk versus reward.


Pooja Singh

Former Features Editor, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


A stickler for details, Pooja Singh likes telling people stories. She has previously worked with Mint-Hindustan Times, Down To Earth and Asian News International-Reuters. 

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