How AI Will Transform The Marketing Automation Industry There is a slew of marketing platforms that come with the promise of AI. But do these products deliver on that promise?

By Ravitej Dodda

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that's increasingly gaining attention in today's digital world. Self-driven cars, phones that can book your next dentist appointment and apps that auto-play music that you love - these are simple examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our day-to-day life. There is a slew of marketing platforms that come with the promise of AI. But do these products deliver on that promise? Can AI mimic human intelligence and perform marketing tasks as well as or better than humans?

As marketers continue to explore the pros and cons of leveraging this brand new technology in their marketing efforts, here are five ways in which AI can prove beneficial to your enterprise.

Expand Reach: One of the most widespread applications of AI is to help bring relevant visitors to your website or app. Moving away from the "shot-in-the-dark" marketing techniques, AI empowers marketers to identify and engage users who are a closer match to their buyer personas. For example, LinkedIn's AI-powered feed, enables the platform to understand a user's interest and past interactions with specific topics, content formats, brands and customize the feed experience by providing relevant content for every user. Another use case is AI-powered writers that help marketers produce periodic data-driven content such as reports and journals that are relevant to draw users to your purchase cycle.

Enhance User Experience: As the lines between online and offline marketing begin to blur and the digital world turns into a complex maze of channels and devices, it is essential to offer a seamless experience as your users navigate various touch-points with your brand. AI can help build an engaging and personalized user experience that spans across your multiple channels including in-store experience. A classic example is Coca-Cola that is using data and AI to develop innovative customer experiences across their online and offline touch points including AI-powered vending machines and chatbots.

Drive Conversions: For most businesses that are looking to grow their online business, it is important to be present with the user when she makes her purchase decision. In doing so, many brands risk sending irrelevant marketing communication. Facebook's Dynamic Ads and Google's Dynamic Search Ads are examples of AI-powered advertising that help marketers personalize ads at-scale for their target audience.

Re-engage Lost Users: Mobile marketers will know the challenges involved in promoting app installs. But the bigger challenge is to engage and retain these users. Building contextual conversations and providing value on a 1:1 basis is the key to success. With the AI power, apps are equipped to offer personalized recommendations and human-like assistance that bring users back to the app. Marketing automation platforms can help brands reach app users outside the app and engage them with personalized offers.

Marketing automation enables marketers to engage customers and deliver relevant experiences. Today, AI is progressively making customer touch points seamless across channels. With evolved analytics and ML, AI allows marketers to track customer behaviour across channels. We are nearing a stage where AI will help marketers make customer experiences consistent, proactive and predictive.

Ravitej Dodda

CEO & Co-Founder, MoEngage

Ravi believes marketing technology is the key to achieving customer success in today’s mobile era. The thought initially led him to co-found and successfully launch Delight Circle app – a leading offers network in India, that helped e-commerce companies drive mobile conversions early-on. Backed by Delight Circle’s success and learning from his experience working with e-commerce companies, Ravi founded and is the CEO of MoEngage - an intelligent marketing cloud that helps e-commerce companies reduce churn and improve customer life-time value. At MoEngage Ravi helps customers get the best out of marketing automation to achieve early growth and has remarkably established his business operations in South East Asia. By marking his presence in the industry, he plans to further expand operations in emerging markets across geographies. 

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