Artificial Intelligence

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Accelerated During the Pandemic. It's Here to Stay.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming population health, making proactive care more feasible and processes more efficient than ever before.

Ariel Shapira

· 5 min read

VIDEO: 'They revive' Cantinflas with artificial intelligence

The campaign entitled "Soriana, that of all Mexicans" brought back one of the most important figures of the Golden Age of national cinema: Mario Moreno.

Cine Premiere

· 3 min read

VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence makes Einstein 'talk' again

The idea of this long-term project is to teach and accompany people who feel lonely.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 1 min read

Hack Your Growth with This Conversational Marketing Platform

Here's proof that chatbot tech can offer easy, personalized, and even fun experiences that convert.


· 4 min read

Real-time 3D holograms generated by artificial intelligence

A new method called tensor holography allows you to create holograms for virtual reality, 3D printing, medical imaging, and more.

Hugo Cen

· 7 min read

Microsoft Is Reportedly Close to Buying Speech Tech Giant Nuance

The deal could give Microsoft advantages in AI, health tech and beyond.

J. Fingas

· 2 min read

Why should SMEs think more about data?

Companies that make their decisions informed by data are, on average, 5 percent more productive and 6 percent more profitable than their competitors.

Fundación Wadhwani

· 7 min read

This Is the Most Powerful Artificial Intelligence Tool in the World

In June 2020, the Californian company OpenAI announced the GPT-2's upgrade to GPT-3, a language model based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Hugo Cen

· 5 min read

Here's What AI Will Never Be Able to Do

While artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies are powerful, they can never master the mysterious impulses of human creativity that lead to breakthrough innovation.

Chris Meyer & Gina O'Connor

· 6 min read

3 Ways Elearning Is Disrupting the Education Industry

Digital education, driven by advanced technologies, represents a major opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Ademola Alex Adekunbi

· 4 min read

5 determining factors for a successful relationship between startups and corporations

Both corporations and startups seek sustainable and scalable collaborations.

Wayra Hispanoamérica

· 5 min read