Artificial Intelligence

Professionals In This Industry Already Can't Imagine Life Without ChatGPT: 'I Can't Remember the Last Time Something Has Wowed Me This Much.'

Real estate agents are increasingly turning to the AI prompt generator to write listings, draft social media posts and more.

Save Big with This AI Tax App

Leave the taxes to the AI with this app, 80% off.

Save $93 on This Mini AI Robotics Arm and Software

Designed for AI robotics learners, the Mirobot arm is a teaching tool.

The Complete Guide to Effectively Using AI Writing Tools in Content Marketing

Busy entrepreneurs can save time and money with AI-powered writing tools — if they use them properly.

John Boitnott

Create More Content with This AI Writing Tool — Just $39 for Life

With this AI writing, you can spend more time driving leads to your content and less time creating it.

'Build Your Business From the Perspective Of People': CureBay's Founder

Research shows that telehealth and online consultations drastically surged during the pandemic as patients were forced to find alternative ways to safely access healthcare and healthcare professionals had to find ways of delivering healthcare safely

Teena Jose

The Dos and Don'ts of Using AI to Write Your Book

AI is here, and people are freaking out. But you can't use it for everything — unless you want to sound like everyone else or Rosie from the Jetsons. Here's what to use it for and what not to use it for in writing your book.

Hilary Jastram

Feeling Lonely? AI Companions Are Here to Help

Today, AI-generated companions may still sound like the plot of a science-fiction movie. However, they are already a reality for us, and these still-hard-to-imagine companions are becoming more and more popular.

Marina Anderson

ChatGPT Users Spot A New Paid Version With Perks For $42

Recently some users took to their social media after spotting a new "Upgrade Plan" option on the ChatGPT page which leads users to two plans.

Kavya Pillai

Myelin Foundry Raises $3 Million In Series A Funding Round

The new round will consolidate Myelin's platforms and expand into international markets

Teena Jose