Artificial Intelligence

Singularity Is Fast Approaching, and It Will Happen First in the Metaverse

Is the metaverse going to change life as we know it? What does this mean for our future?

Abdalla Kablan

How Happiness Technology Is Affecting Our Everyday Lives

The internet has brought us all together in one global network of connectivity, and there's no denying that it has altered the way we live day-to-day.

Olya Osokina

This is how NVIDIA wants to go beyond the metaverse

After Meta (Facebook) announced its metaverse, NVIDIA has introduced its avatar generation platform.

Bad Data: The $3 Trillion-Per-Year Problem That's Actually Solvable

How the right tech can help entrepreneurs make data more accessible and accurate, avoiding massive losses in the process.

Joy Youell

Why Digitizing the Supply Chain Will Be the Next Global Technology Movement

With the global health crisis continuing to wreak havoc on essentials like microchips, building materials, and food, accelerating a pivot to supply-chain digitization is vital, and there are practical ways to do it.

David Gold

The 7 new business values in the era of Artificial Intelligence

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, consumers and customers increasingly demand a better experience from companies.

Hugo Cen

What impact has Artificial Intelligence had on the restaurant industry during the pandemic?

Technological solutions are being used more and more in the restaurant sector. For example, as of COVID-19, the consultation of the menus through QR code was incorporated.

How does McLaren win the race both on the track and in cyberspace? With innovation and Artificial Intelligence

Every 17 minutes, McLaren creates a new part for its car. And, at the end of the season, 80% of the car will be completely different.

Eloy Ávila

Why Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Face-Recognition System

The process will take place gradually over the coming weeks.

This App Helps You Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Become a better presenter with real-time AI-assisted feedback.

100% Virtual Artificial Intelligence Hackathon

Stimulating the application of Artificial Intelligence within the development and technology ecosystem is vital to promote innovation in Mexico.

How AI Is Transforming the Way Doctors Diagnose and Treat Covid-19

In today's high-tech digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms answer problems that cannot be realistically solved by humans alone.

Alex Thomas