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How AI Can Enable and Support Both Caregivers and Patients

Artificial intelligence will never replace the human touch in healthcare, but when used properly and to its full capability, it has the potential to serve both caregivers and patients for the better.

Jeff Terry

You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned

In 2022, don't be a passenger of change rather be a driver of it.

Ritu Marya

Top 5 Healthcare Tech Trends Poised for Growth in 2022

Best-bet new-arrival innovations include hybrid AI virtual/in-person care as well as precision medicine, but others may surprise you.

Morris Panner

5 Ways AI Will Change the Digital Marketing Game in 2022

What will AI mean for marketers in 2022? From chatbots and other virtual assistants to generating the content, enhancing user experiences and more, AI is already making major changes to the digital marketing landscape. While it may be difficult to predict the future, it's easy to see that AI will continue to progress and play an increasingly central role in digital marketing.

What's Under the 'Hood' of Self-Driving Cars?

Headed by tech giants like Google and Yandex, the rise of automated vehicles seems inevitable, but what are the intellectual mechanics at work?

Olga Megorskaya

How to Design the Ideal AI Assistant

Set up a human-computer interaction that leaves users satisfied every time.

Nick Babich

How to Leverage AI for Maximum Benefits for Your Business

AI writer assistants can help you create content for your business and attract potential new customers.

A New Type of Chatbot User Is On the Rise

Chatbot usage is on the rise and two types of chatbot users have emerged: Standard Users and Power Users. This article explores these two types of users and the history of chatbots.

Mahesh Ram

How AI Is Connecting Employers With Software Engineers

Tech companies and recruiters are looking beyond Silicon Valley for top talent.

Steve Taplin

3 Impacts of AI in the Machine Translation Industry

Recent advances have proven superb results that can provide multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Pritom Das

How AI Will Transform the Housing-Market Consumer Experience

Artificial intelligence is set to change the way you shop for your home, but what will that future look and feel like?

Bill Packer