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How AI Is Transforming the Way Doctors Diagnose and Treat Covid-19

In today's high-tech digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms answer problems that cannot be realistically solved by humans alone.

Harness the Power of New Public Relations Technology

Technology is here to help. Embrace it and watch your client list grow.

Paul Fitzgerald

The 3 Principals of Building Anti-Bias AI

Why your company needs to apply best practices in eliminating discriminatory bias in your artificial-intelligence systems -- and key principles in applying them.

Salil Pande

5 Steps to Help Tech Companies Reduce Bias in AI

The five-step framework can help tech entrepreneurs prevent biases from developing and reverse existing biases in tech.

Shama Hyder

Spend Less on Copywriting with This Efficient AI

Consider skipping the copywriter and automatically generate content instead.

Is AI Going to Radically Transform the SEO Industry?

AI is already here, at least in some contexts, in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry. Should we be bracing for an industry-wide overhaul? Or is AI simply going to improve our already existing capabilities, without many long-term fundamental changes?

Timothy Carter

Collaboration Is Redefining The Future Of Healthcare

The scramble for diagnostics, personal protective equipment (PPE), and vaccines have given rise to a new era of multi-stakeholder collaboration, which is ushering in a new era of discovery.

Laszlo Svinger

The Rise In Adoption of Deeptech And Cloud

While the trend was already on the rise, COVID has accelerated the pace

The Pace of Technological Change Is Faster Than Ever Before. Or Is It?

It's not technology that is changing so quickly, but rather the way we use it that is transforming our relationship with work.

Todd Hirsch

Will Data Science be in Demand in the Future?

Significant opportunities can be found in science and technology.

Rajan Thapaliya

This Is the Secret Sauce Behind Effective AI and ML Technology

It's a solution making it possible for businesses that haven't yet adopted AI to get in the game.

Joy Youell