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This Agency Is Redefining the Modern Public Relations Landscape Leading PR Agency Mogul Press, founded by Nabeel Ahmad, is disrupting traditional ways of doing PR

By John Stanley

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Every influential personality and business needs a public relations plan to communicate its message to their target audience. And when we speak of public relations, business magnates and top corporations spend an outrageous amount on PR.

If you are aware of the world of business, you will know how important a PR strategy can be in establishing a brand's authority. As one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates famously said, "If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR."

Today the PR landscape comprises thousands of agencies and companies fervently gathering clients to assist them with their public relations. A strong public relations strategy is essential in a highly competitive environment where everyone is racing forward, aiming to be at the top. One such company Mogul Press is redefining the modern public relations landscape through its bold and game-changing communication solutions.

Mogul Press plays a pivotal role in giving entrepreneurs and companies from different spheres of life much-needed media exposure. It has utilized the digital space in the best way possible and has built a solid reputation with clients from all across the world.

Breaking away from the traditional methods of PR, Mogul Press innovated a unique approach to PR. Unlike other PR agencies that only pitch to the media and rely on luck and hope to get their story published, Mogul Press strives to provide guaranteed placements. Most PR agencies lock clients into long-term contracts for years and don't guarantee any results. Mogul Press, on the other hand, guarantees media success for clients.

Founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneur and PR mogul Nabeel Ahmad, Mogul Press has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and public figures craft their stories and provide them with impactful coverage in the media. Since its inception, the agency has become one of the fastest growing PR firms in the world and has been recognized for its inspiring journey to the top in such a short time frame.

Nabeel Ahmad

According to CEO Nabeel Ahmad, the company's bold and results-driven packages attract clients from all across the world who want to position themselves as an authority in their industry. He says, "We are doing things in the PR space that no one has ever done before. Our Celebrity Incubator package is a game-changer, but we have no intention of stopping there. We are already in the process of coming up with even better packages for our clients."

Mogul Press promises to act as the bridge between where you are and where you wish to be. The company has specifically designed its PR packages as a mixture of different forms of media exposure, including online publications, contributor spots, TV interviews, podcasts, and much more.

They have customized packages for all kinds of niches and industries. The packages are carefully constructed for people looking to get more organic media exposure and build a solid and authoritative brand.


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