Marketing Strategies

How Personal Values Will Shape the Future of Marketing

The pandemic affected the mindsets of many, and successful marketing strategies must account for it.

Jessica Wong

Toyota turns Alexa Moreno into an anime character

The Japanese brand included the Mexican gymnast in three commercial spots that seek to inspire other athletes.

5 Tips to Ensure You'll Have Successful Brand Collaborations

Partnering with other like-minded brands can be a great way to build both of your businesses, but making sure you have successful collaborations is key.

Lynn Power

What is rainbow washing? (and how to avoid it in your company)

Every June many brands seem to paint rainbows in support of the LGBTQ + community and do not mention them again for the rest of the year.

Victoria's Secret Waved Farewell to Its Angels. Was It a Mistake?

Building up your brand takes years, which is why Victoria's Secret's marketing decision to shelve its Angels was a shock.

Adrian Shepherd

Key Strategies for Marketing New Versus Existing Products

When it comes to crafting a message and communicating it to the market, one size doesn't fit all. Your PR and marketing will differ depending on your product's age.

Cara Sloman

3 Reasons Brands Should Shift to a Direct-to-Consumer Model

In the new era of online shopping, it pays to establish a direct connection between your brand and its customers.

Jonathan Riff

How I Got Myself on 75 Podcasts in the Past Year

This is how to leverage podcasting as a low-budget marketing tool.

Lynn Power

How to Use Ethical Mind Control to Maximize Sales

Here's how to engineer your first impression with targeted social proof to earn you more opt-ins and sales.

Andrew Ryder

Is Every Marketer About to Quit?

In a recent survey, 78% of marketers said that marketing is about to see a great resignation, and 48% said that they are personally planning on quitting. 

Tracey Wallace

Levi Ackerman's 803 peso detergent becomes a meme

One of the characters in the animated series Shingeki no Kyojin has his own detergent and it costs "only" 800 pesos.