Marketing Strategies

What is celebrated on May 5: How to take advantage of it in your local

Many people in America plan to celebrate May 5. We tell you how to do it correctly.

March Violante

· 6 min read

Experiential marketing: how to create sensory experiences without physical contact with your customers?

Experiential marketing has been the winning horse in brand sales strategies in recent years, especially for a segment of the population: millennials and Gen Z.

Ines Ruiz

· 6 min read

7 Ways to Make an Unforgettable Business Name

Want people to remember your business's name? These seven strategies can help.

Brad Flowers

· 6 min read

The Secret to Keyword Research for Local Businesses

Knowing which keywords online shoppers use to find your business can put you at the top of the search results. Learn how easy it is to choose the right ones.

Perry Marshall

· 6 min read

12 Books to Help Refresh Your Marketing Strategy

These books from Entrepreneur Press can help you boost your marketing game.

Jennifer Dorsey

· 4 min read

How to Test and Choose the Best Name for Your Business

You want to trust your gut – but this test can help confirm that the name you like is right for your business.

Brad Flowers

· 6 min read

Why referrals from friends are still key in the digital world

Nine out of 10 consumers say they try new products when they are recommended by their acquaintances.

Andy Kieffer

· 7 min read

3 Cold Call Tips That Will Help You Book 15 Appointments a Day

The daunting task can actually be fruitful if you follow these rules.

David Walter

· 5 min read

3 Golden Rules for Starting a Real-Estate Investment Business

Use these three rules to create a sustainable real-estate business.

Michael Ligon

· 5 min read

What the Color You Choose in Your Marketing Campaign Says to Customers

Read more about an efficient method that takes advantage of colors and uses them to attract more customers.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 4 min read

8 Questions to Keep in Mind when Crafting a Briefing

If you want your marketing strategy to be effective, your briefing must answer these essential questions that can guide your campaign to success.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 3 min read