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Meet The Masterminds: How A CFA Level III And Mathematical Engineer Are Shaping DeFi Investing Decentralized Masters is a Mastermind combining elite education and a community of seasoned investors who share the most lucrative investment opportunities in DeFi.

By Nishikanth Samarth

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Tan and Salim

There is no shortage of headlines labelling DeFi a weapon for recapturing control of one's financial future. But while the label is accurate, the excitement surrounding DeFi often makes it easy to forget to ask important questions, like– how many people can wield this weapon effectively?

Tan and Salim are the founders of Decentralized Masters, a mastermind they created in pursuit of an answer to this question. To them, the ideal answer should always sound something like, "More people today than yesterday."

Decentralized Masters is a Mastermind combining elite education and a community of seasoned investors who share the most lucrative investment opportunities in DeFi. It is an exclusive community where those who get in give and receive valuable DeFi investment resources and strategies. At present, more than 500 affluent investors are currently enrolled.

Recognizing that many investors are looking for just that, Tan and Salim have been kind enough to offer a glimpse into this group. With their experiences as entrepreneurs and founders, they lead a team of 60+ people dedicated to their customers' success.

"Shaping a New Financial Era"

Decentralized Masters embodies a mission far grander than mere wealth generation. It represents a paradigm shift towards equitable financial empowerment and autonomy.

Tan passionately articulates their purpose, "Our core mission is to empower individuals globally, enabling them to take control of their financial future in a system that's traditionally been exclusive and restrictive." This vision is at the heart of their endeavor, challenging conventional financial structures and offering a more inclusive alternative.

Salim, echoing this sentiment, adds, "We're not just creating a platform; we're fostering a movement. A movement where financial literacy and opportunity are not privileges but basic rights accessible to all." This reflects their deep-rooted belief in democratizing financial opportunities, making the tools for wealth creation available to everyone.

The ethos of Decentralized Masters revolves around this transformative idea. As Salim summarizes, "Our ambition is to reshape the global financial landscape, making it more transparent, fair, and inclusive. We believe this can fundamentally change the planet, one empowered individual at a time."

In essence, Decentralized Masters isn't merely a company but a crusade against financial inequality, committed to "sculpting a future where financial freedom is a universal reality."

The Call to Adventure

Tan and Salim weren't always in DeFi. The latter began as an artificial intelligence engineer, while the former was an investment banker.

Tan's call was an unexpected discovery of insider trading while a junior officer at a financial institution.

"It was quite an eye-opener! That revelation, along with my growing interest in Bitcoin, nudged me to leave the corporate world behind and pursue my own direction."

Salim, on the other hand, went on a literal journey before landing in the space. After completing his six-year engineering degree, he quit his job in artificial intelligence (AI), hopped in a van, and started touring Australia.

"My parents really questioned my sanity! But during this adventure, I encountered numerous online entrepreneurs, leading to my epiphany about the immense potential of the internet and the rapid value creation possible if one seizes the right opportunities at the perfect moments."

A Different Breed of Founders

The typical picture of a founder is a boss figure barking orders from an ivory tower. When asked about the dynamics at Decentralized Masters, Tan paints a completely different picture: that of founders not afraid of the nitty-gritty aspects of such a venture.

"What really draws people to our company, and keeps them here, is seeing us right there in the trenches with them."

By being active and involved, the two founders ensure everyone contributes towards enriching the company's insights. This approach has made Decentralized Masters a think tank of sorts, fostering a collective intelligence that gives them an edge in the vast and complex world of decentralized finance.

The Road of Trials

A founder's journey is full of challenges. In a sector as young, dynamic, and disruptive as DeFi, the path to success can be arduous, so the best founders know to come prepared.

However, quite often, the hero encounters a trial(s) that they didn't anticipate, forcing them back to the drawing board. This is a crucial moment because how they respond will shape them and determine how they develop from there.

For Decentralized Masters, that moment came within weeks of inception. It started with the organization's payment platforms being restricted and customer transactions automatically refunded before its bank funds were frozen and advertising accounts suspended.

"It was a sobering period," says Tan. "It revealed to us that certain forces wanted to suppress our company."

The 'certain forces' in this narrative are financial institutions who, at the time, were actively resisting crypto and DeFi entities. According to Salim, their actions were a result of an apprehension fueled by a deeper concern that people were gaining financial independence.

"Fortunately, with determination and collaboration, we found solutions and worked diligently to establish a more resilient structure. It was a testament to our team's commitment and adaptability," added Salim.

Creating a Team that Aligns Company Values

In any venture, the kind of team you assemble is easily the most significant determinant of success. This is a reality Tan and Salim pay a lot of attention to.

"We recognize that we're nothing without our team and appreciate that collective brainpower is what drives big companies to success," says Salim. "Decentralized Finance is vast and complex. To tackle this, we're constantly attracting new and talented experts inside our mastermind."

He adds, "Everyone collaborates towards enriching our company's insights. And because teaching is, in essence, relearning, they also deepen their understanding by teaching each other and our mastermind members."

However, having the right team is not just about the skill and intellect of individual members. It is also important that everyone in the team is aligned with the company's values. To this end, Decentralized Masters follows a unique approach.

"Every Monday, in our big team meeting, we've got this quirky ritual: one of us recites our Mission, Values, and Principles out loud," says Tan. "At that moment, we might look like we're in some kind of club to an outsider. But honestly, the team loves it. It's our way of making sure everyone's on the same page, knowing exactly what we stand for and how to keep our actions in sync with our culture. "

DeFi in the next five years

Decentralized finance is growing fast. According to Tan, DeFi will go mainstream in the next five years.

"We foresee better regulation and enhanced interoperability, allowing DeFi to become entrenched in the mainstream financial world," he says. "We also think there'll be a new breed of digital assets emerging, driven by real-world utility and underpinned by sustainable environmental considerations."

Salim agrees, adding that AI and machine learning will more fully integrate with crypto and DeFi.

"This will lead to financial services being more accessible worldwide. Moreover, the line between DeFi and traditional fintech will blur as banks and institutions adopt blockchain-driven solutions," he concludes.

Empowering People to Take Control of Their Financial Future

DeFi can be a powerful tool for generating and building intergenerational wealth away from mainstream financial systems. This has become more important lately since, while integral to modern economies, these financial systems have been corrupted by the greed of a powerful few.

However, it's not an easy path to travel down. Investors looking to leverage DeFi's massive potential for wealth could use some help with identifying the best opportunities and designing the most effective strategies.

To that end, joining a community like Decentralized Masters, where they will meet, interact, and learn from other investors as well as seasoned entrepreneurs like Tan and Salim, might just be the answer.


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