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Today's Flagships Of Economic Innovation Amid COVID BikData has emerged as a lead adaptor in helping the business world seamlessly integrate blockchain technology and benefit from the new growth applications it carries

By Shishir Jajoo

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The intensity of the societal disruption brought about by COVID-19 has been matched only by the strength of humanity's resolve to whether the storm and find ways of thriving through the crisis.

At the forefront of our resistance has been industry, and particularly the most innovative segments of industry which have conscientiously developed solutions aimed to improve people's quality of life during the pandemic…and who as a result have woven themselves into the fabric of thriving society amidst the virus.

In this exposé, we take a look at three of the most innovative companies during the pandemic who are helping the segments they cater to thrive even amid the turbulence.

One such benevolent innovator to emerge during COVID is Bik Data. With crypto pundits expecting near quadruple growth in the blockhain market size from $3 billion in 2020 to $39.7 billion in 2025, BikData has emerged as a lead adaptor in helping the business world seamlessly integrate blockchain technology and benefit from the new growth applications it carries.

Founded by inventor and lead technologist Ayman "EYEMAN' Kabalan, an SAP expert with more than two decades in the trade that has been developing blockchain applications since 2015, and SAP, President and COO Franzua Rudder, who boasts 14 years of experience in global business development across 20 countries, BikData gives businesses across the globe the unprecedented opportunity to store their data underneath six-layers of blockchain encryption and then monetize their encrypted data for the first time ever.

"Today's digital companies have tons of data, which they view as an expense; they don't understand that it could be an asset," said Rudder. "We're bridging that gap, showing companies that they can turn what they perceive as an expense can be turned into an asset and a revenue model. BikData is revolutionizing the industry by changing the perception on how people perceive their own data."

Another company driving flagship innovation in a space heavily hit by the pandemic is Moxy Management. While thousands of jobs were lost at the outset of covid in the entertainment industry — especially to creators like models and actors — one modern-day career path instead saw an explosion of fresh success stories: social media influencing.

Bolstered by the global population's increased phone time during lockdown and the subsequent rise of TikTok, a huge number of content creators skyrocketed to digital fame. Driving this paradigm shift have been companies like Moxy Management who have emerged to become trusted resources equipping creators with the tools, strategy, technology, and even financial planning they need to adapt and thrive in this new era.

The team behind Moxy knows a thing or two about influencing themselves; founded by Ryan Nassif and Slater Davis, longtime content creators that got their start online long before Instagram became a household name, the duo bring their own personal experience in the business to help guide their roster of talent to success. As its leaders, Davis and Nassif's skillful touch has created a familial environment at Moxy Management filled with trust and respect. Thanks to the agency's personalized techniques, Moxy has already curated a board of social media's most popular creators — with an accumulated reach of over 20 million — in less than a year since its launch. By embracing what makes each of its creators unique, Moxy encourages and empowers each individual, crafting their tactics around their clients' authentic selves and comfort levels. While models are often overlooked at conventional rival agencies, Moxy's emphasis on individuality allows for an attention to detail that boosts its clientele to new levels of success. Currently developing state-of-the-art, data-driven technology, Moxy has plans to launch the agency into trailblazing territory with this upcoming toolkit, expanding their clients' reach and revenue in the process.

Instead of simply booking jobs or negotiating deals for their clients, the team behind Moxy takes things one step further, using concrete analytics to hone in on the most lucrative aspect of each influencer, allowing them to manage, conceive and execute the most effective strategies for their individual accounts. By identifying a creator's core audience and developing tactical posts around it, Moxy maximizes potential revenue for its talent across traditional social media and paid content platforms. Moxy likewise digitally fosters one-on-one connections between creators and their most ardent fans, increasing engagement and encouraging longtime loyalty in return.

Yet another thing that sets Moxy Management a step above the rest is its innovative approach to handling influencers' income, a vital practice considering how novel these profits can be to inexperienced creators. Unlike traditional talent management firms, the agency's full-service approach gives its influencers resources like capital and asset management through its partnership with Darren Siegrist at Rockefeller Capital, helping consistently grow their new found influx of cash into long-term wealth.

A third company helping its sector adapt and thrive during the pandemic can be found in the sporting good brand HoloGear. While the covid triggered social distancing decorum rules have undoubtedly deeply affected the entirety of humanity, the isolating effects of the global virus took a clear and major toll on the world's youth.

Typically thought of as the rambunctious and energetic segment of the population, children were largely prevented from getting active throughout the pandemic, with kids' dedicated weekly sports time decreasing by 6.5 hours on average in 2020, according to research by The Aspen Institute.

Luckily for many athletics lovers across the United States, one burgeoning company provided an ideal solution for pandemic-born inactivity: Introducing HoloGear, a revolutionary U.S. based sporting goods company that offers eye-catching products that have helped countless Americans, both young and old, reintegrate athleticism into their lives.

Founded in 2019 by recent graduates of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Ryan Richards and Jonah Belanger, HoloGear's origins began with its signature flagship product: the HoloGear Basketball. Utilizing patented technology, Richards and Belanger created the holographic basketball and accompanying LED HoloGlasses so sports lovers, like themselves, would no longer be limited from playing their favorite games after nightfall. The product's emphatic reception encouraged the duo to expand their holographic tech into footballs, soccer balls and volleyballs capable of being seen from up to 40 yards away with HoloGlasses, and the eventual branch into athletic wear built from the same reflective material, allowing for safe jogs on the road past sunset with clear visibility from car headlights.

The revolutionary tech has caught the eyes of more than just your average sports aficionado, landing HoloGear an invitation to the Forbes 30 under 30 summit, a feature on Forbes 1000, and the opportunity to sponsor Miami's 2020 All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game featuring stars like Floyd Mayweather and Swae Lee. Already boasting $6.5 million in revenue from its first 24 months on the market, the company has secured placement in retail behemoths like Dick's Sporting Goods and Modell's. Now, HoloGear is offering the public an opportunity to invest in their growing business via its WeFunder equity crowdfunding campaign. This crowdfunding platform allows anyone to become an equity partner in HoloGear LLC for as little as $100.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

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