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Unlocking Amazon's Global Potential: This Company's Strategies for Brand Expansion 73% of Amazon sellers boast a profit margin exceeding 10%, and 35% go even further, achieving a remarkable margin surpassing 20%.

By William Wood

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Shane Quigley

73% of Amazon sellers boast a profit margin exceeding 10%, and 35% go even further, achieving a remarkable margin surpassing 20%. These statistics show how Amazon is a global marketplace that helps brands reach a diverse and expansive audience. Yet, within this success lies a complex tapestry of challenges.

Managing stock, crafting compelling content, running effective ad campaigns, and navigating the day-to-day intricacies of Amazon seller or vendor accounts can be challenging. Here is where Shane Quigley and his company, SHIFT, help businesses.

Established in 2019, SHIFT Marketplace is an Amazon Growth Consultancy and is the UK's leading Amazon expert.

Their team focuses on delivering concrete and measurable results for its partners, ranging from enhanced brand visibility and increased sales to strategic market expansion. They help clients navigate and meet their goals on Amazon's expansive platform.

For instance, Shane's company, SHIFT, is guiding brands to enter new global markets through Amazon. By expanding into different territories, SHIFT has successfully launched brands into various Amazon markets, including the USA, EU, and Australia. This has resulted in significant revenue growth and increased brand awareness for partners.

But how does SHIFT help brands grow internationally?

SHIFT's services revolve around managing operational tasks for partner brands, ensuring everything runs smoothly on Amazon. From planning stock needs to handling shipments, the team focuses on accurate and efficient stock management—a crucial factor for Amazon's success. SHIFT's creative team empowers brands to control how they're presented on the platform, optimizing product listings to boost sales.

Also, effective paid media strategies are a must in the competitive world of Amazon, and SHIFT's experts understand its cruciality. They manage campaigns, optimize strategies, and use data for better results. The company is committed to the day-to-day health of Amazon seller or vendor accounts, handling time-consuming tasks to keep operations running smoothly.

Nima Salehi, The Inkey List's Global Head of Technology, encapsulates the essence of SHIFT's impact, stating, "Shift brings an unmatched level of Amazon trading experience backed up by proven results on Amazon."

The effectiveness of SHIFT's strategies is echoed in such success stories and testimonials from brands that have experienced transformative growth. SHIFT, under Shane's guidance, stands out as an invaluable ally for brands aiming to grow on Amazon. He ensures results through a combination of practical wisdom, hands-on expertise, and a results-driven approach.


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