What Katniss Everdeen Teaches Us About Building a Business Empire

'The Hunger Games' character reminds us that the best form of marketing is kindness

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By Bek Boundy

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games'

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We all want to build an empire, but what does it really take to get there?

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is why we set out to do the thing we are doing. It's completely okay to admit it because the bigger the empire we build, the more people we can help with the service or solution we provide.

So what's the secret?

Know your audience, and know the problem you solve.

Now you're probably sitting there wondering what else is coming, because let's be honest, that is not the greatest revelation of the century.

Read on to learn where most fall short in this area.

We tend to get distracted by the shiny new thing and can forget that we've built our business on the basis of something else. There will always be a new iPhone coming out, a new app, a new social media platform and a new streaming service. But, as business owners, we need to ensure to stay true to ourselves and what we can offer to the community or industry we serve.

The success of every business comes down to sales. The key driver behind sales is marketing.

The best form of marketing is kindness.

What are some of the most memorable ads or brands you've seen?

Most people have some deep emotional pull for the greater good or show overwhelming care and kindness towards people. Why? Because that's how we, humans, are wired. We're drawn to vulnerability, to genuine care and brave, selfless acts that make a difference to someone. That's how you will show your community of customers that you care and are there to help and serve them with whatever pain or problem you solve.

We need to be ones who "volunteer as tribute" and use our knowledge, skills and abilities to serve others like Katniss Everdeen.

So what does this mean practically?

In every part of your website, blog, social media posts, email marketing and ads, make sure your message is consistent to serving your customers well. Share tips, tricks, helpful information and then show them how helping previous clients is exactly what you were born to do, and that is how you were created to impact the world in your small way.

Be unique and don't be afraid to show it. Your uniqueness is exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Why Does this Work?

Humanity at its core simply just craves love. This is why the most effective form of marketing—and therefore conversion to sales—is to show how you serve your niche market.

So, drop the sales pitch and just show your customers (and potential customers) how you care and help serve them through your business.

Don't look to the left or the right and be distracted at the new shiny things; run your own race.

Bek Boundy

Founder, Thrive Co. Brands

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