Giving Voice To the Voiceless: This Platform Changes the Way We Communicate

The Doe gives unheard voices a major platform, something to reach more relevant readers

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By Deepiksha Singh • Sep 24, 2020

Milan Kordestani
Milan Kordestani

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Communication is at the core of everything we do. Each of us has a story to tell. And we want to be able to share experiences with others.

Simply putting out content in its many forms doesn't work. You must find the right people, engage them and spark a conversation. And that's why the age of the influencer is here—and here to stay.

The days of looking simply at the number of followers is over. As we start to understand digital marketing more, the move towards finding the right audience for any given message has taken hold. Anyone can write a blog and publish it online. But not everyone can have the reach they desire.

And where websites are clogged up with adverts while the site owners try their best to maximize the profit levels, it is refreshing to come across something that has been set up purely to give people a voice. And that's where Milan Kordestani and The Doe step forward.

Authenticity Is Key, Anonymity Is Powerful

We want to believe what we read. But often it is difficult to have complete faith in the words we read on a page, especially from bigger publications with an agenda. That's why smaller authentic voices have become popular. We look to people who are there on the frontline for a perspective we can trust in. The Doe gives those voices a major platform—something to reach more relevant readers.

There are editorial platforms popping up all over the Internet. As we've already touched upon, many of these are set up to make money for the website owner. Others are to push a political persuasion, with only certain articles allowed. This act whitewashes the authentic voices of dissent. And the minorities that have these voices need to be heard. We all walk a different path.

The site promotes conversation and narratives where everybody is welcome to share their opinion on the platform. Anonymity gives a common ground to anyone that wants to express their thoughts. On the platform, anonymity provides both protection and the freedom to share fully," reads the platform's mission statement. "For our readers and society as a whole, we hope the rich, complex, and sometimes confronting stories that appear on The Doe will help restore open conversation and tough but productive dialogue to our cultural fabric."

Democracy In Action

It is hugely democratizing to give anonymity to platform users. Some yearn to have their perspectives taken at face value without fear of bias by the individual speaking, while others fear for their careers and family life yet want to be a part of starting the conversation. Anonymity provides the solution to both problems while The Doe provides the work to ensure these perspectives and narratives have a global audience.

If you have something to say, and perhaps feel your story or voice is marginalized, then The Doe gives you the platform to say it without fear. And we could all do with taking away the fear in our lives. As the headline of this article states, the gives a voice to the voiceless. We can't put it any better than the founder himself, when he said, "The Doe started as a passion project when I started to look for a blog to publish stories from my life anonymously. I wanted a contributor platform where I'd be able to express my opinions on matters without my name being associated to everything I do. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I took it upon myself to fill the void. The Doe is focused on filling the gap where storytellers who can't express themselves or get their idea across as effectively as possible without the blanket of anonymity now have a home. In practice, this means marginalized voices and perspectives that are under-represented due to fear of a backlash, judgement, or doxing now can write and reach global audiences."

There are far too many restrictions on getting your message put there. At present you need to find the right audience, engage with them and build a brand. But The Doe allows those who have something valid to say, to have the same opportunities as those with already established networks. The time has come to break out of our echo chambers and bubbles to think critically and differently about all the topics the mainstream media is not covering.

Deepiksha Singh

Business Blogger

An ardent supporter of women empowerment, Deepiksha Singh is a young professional and writer who believes in bringing the most inspiring and motivating stories of entrepreneurs to the world. Her writings have been featured in various publications. She is a Rick and Morty fan, and in her free time she is found solving crosswords. 

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