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Technology for Gamification of Customer Engagement in Offline World Many companies are seeing very positive results after using gamification for customer engagement

By Nitin Gupta

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Digital technology is continuously bringing new ways for the businesses to market the products better and increase the customer engagement. Use of digital technology is not limited to any particular segment of the industry, in fact, all types of businesses are now embracing it with an open heart. Many companies are seeing very positive results after using gamification for customer engagement. In simple words, gamification is the introduction of the fun element by utilization of game type elements in non-game environments. With the help of gamification, the brands can increase the customer engagement span and also collect valuable customer behaviour data. This data can help the companies make critical business decisions. Gamification also helps in customer retention, and as per a study Harvard Business Review, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. So gamification can fetch better results for the businesses.

For example, a famous coffee brand started giving bonus points to its repeat customers on each of their purchases. The customers can see and redeem the points through the app. This feature was very successful, and the sales were set on a continuous acceleration.

Gamification In The Offline market

Gamification is not limited to the online market and can be successfully used in the offline world as well. Gamification can be used in all types of businesses. Many non-tech businesses resist technology as they don't have the expertise in developing and deploying digital technology solutions. And they don't want any distraction in their current business. But lagging behind the new technological revolutions can cause even a successful business to lose to new competitors. So the businesses must utilize the third party solutions use the digital solutions for gamification to increase their customers' engagement.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are very helpful in customer retention. Brands can provide scannable codes on their products, and on scanning the code, the customer can avail a certain number of loyalty points. The loyalty points get accumulated on each purchase. When accumulated points reach a certain level, the customer becomes entitled to get a reward from the brand. The reward should be chosen very wisely and should be interesting enough to make the brand the preferred one for the customer. Because of the wide range adoption of smartphones loyalty programs have become much more effective nowadays. A lot of big brands are utilizing this and are seeing very positive results

Sales Automation With Exciting Offers

The technology can be extended for reaching out to the consumer again for the new product lines or in case of consumable products reach out to the consumer towards the end of the lifecycle of the current product with discounts or offers. Based on the customers' buying patterns brands can select the desired products and can reach out to the customers with special discounts on them.

Scratch and Win

Everyone loves surprises. Brands should use this to make their customers happy. Brands can provide scratch and win offers to their customers with the help of digital technology. The possibilities are endless, and gamification of consumer engagement with digital innovation is the future. Businesses must adopt these technologies and connect with their offline consumers to stay in the competition.

Nitin Gupta

Co-founder, CEO and CTO at NeuroTags


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