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How to Talk to Employees About AI

It's driving innovation, creating efficiencies, and making a lot of employees feel uncomfortable.


Tips for Managing the Labour Shortage

The labour shortages are spread across a variety of sectors, occupations, and skill levels — and are expected to increase.


How to Motivate an Employee After a Poor Performance Review

Use it as an opportunity to inspire a professional turnaround for your employee.


3 Ways to Build Trust Among Employees

Some helpful reminders when navigating the two-way street of trust between employees and managers.


5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity in Summer

Everyone's been waiting for warmer weather. But a little summer fun doesn't mean your productivity should take a hit. Here's how to keep employees excited and motivated this season.


Difficult but Sometimes Necessary: How to Fire an Employee

The process isn't fun but, in order to grow, you need the right people in the right positions. Here are some helpful tips in case you need to let someone go.

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