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The Challenges of Two Spanish Women Founders Who are Competing with Elon Musk

Both are part of a new crop of BCI European initiatives targeting brain disorders working at the intersection of deeptech, medtech, and digital health.

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Business Angels Have Invested €1.2 Billion in Spanish Startups in 2018, According to New Report

Investments into Spanish startups by business angels are up 44 percent over last year in terms of euros.

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Spanish Association of Startups 'Requests More Ambition' From Spain's Prime Minister

Some in the startup community believe the Prime Minister's recent announcement about a new legal framework for startups is little more than a publicity stunt.

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New Report Finds 22 Percent of Spanish Startup Founders Are Women

The number of female entrepreneurs is growing, but the typical Spanish founder is a 35-year-old male.

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Boom or Bubble? The 3 Issues That Block Spain's Startup Sector From Sustainable Growth.

A risk-averse culture and lack of access to funds are among the factors holding back new businesses in Spain.

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