Ambika Sharma

Founder and Managing Director, Instappy

Ambika Sharma, a thorough bred marketing and technology professional with an experience of 15+years, in new age marketing and technology integration, spearheads Instappy as the Founder & Managing Director.


Growth Strategies

7 Reasons to Take Pride in Your Work or Go Do Something Else

A small inadvertent comment, a carelessly dropped sentence, body language, all lead to formulation of opinions.

Growth Strategies

Factors Working in Favor of Indian Women Entrepreneurs in 2017

The year 2017 is being touted as the year when the country's female professionals will finally break through the glass ceiling.

News and Trends

FY18 Budget: A Promising Development for Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

As such, the presentation of the Union Budget 2017 was preceded by a great deal of expectations from the public as well as various industries in the corporate sector.


Customizable DIY Apps Will be the Next Big Thing for Brands in 2017

Being capable of adapting to the changing market dynamics is what is needed by any brand to survive and succeed.

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