Ami Shroff


From summer training at NGOs to working as an intern with an agro company in the borderline region of Kutch, Ami Shroff, has had a varied journey before she formally joined Shrujan in 1998. She initially joined the family trust run, not for profit organization, Shrujan, as a project coordinator in Kutch to work at the grassroots level and also lead the “Design Center on Wheels” project for the organization, the first of its kind and scale in India. In fact it was her deep involvement and commitment for the operations at Shrujan Trust that led to the genesis of the first of its kind research and documentation project in the Kutch region called “Pride and Enterprise” which documented and researched the embroidery craft story of the Kutch region. This initiative went on to win the Rolex Awards in 2006 for Chandaben Shroff, the founder of Shrujan, and also Ami’s mother. 

Today, Ami has taken forward her mother's vision and championed yet another successful project under the Shrujan Trust ambit, the Living and Learning Design Center (LLDC). This ambitious project has been launched in a 9 acre green campus in Bhuj, with an ambition of becoming an inclusive hub for all crafts within the Kutch region, creating a collaborative environment that not only enables but also empowers. 

The campus at LLDC also houses’ India’s largest 'Crafts Museum' that is comparable to any international museum of high caliber both in terms of collection and presentation capabilities. Ami intends to build profile for the LLDC as a melting pot for craft enthusiasts and craft experts from all over the world, and also a place where anyone, from any background can be empowered with the power of creativity and art. 




Why it Pays to Be a Social Entrepreneur

Mobilising the rural population by providing the adequate means to help them earn and sustain a livelihood, and even flourish, is the surest way of swatting the peaking poverty graph down

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