Ankur Kothari

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Automation Anywhere

Ankur is the Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer and heads Automation Anywhere’s global revenue generation and customer operations (which includes sales, services, support, channel management) strategies. In this role, he has been a key driving force right from the company’s inception, playing critical leadership roles in determining and implementing the company’s vision and strategy, as well as in the engineering, product, services, and support divisions.

Ankur is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and has over 15 years’ of experience in the software industry. As a veteran, he has developed a unique business perspective globally in extending the value of automation to new markets.



#4 Things Not to Do In Your RPA Deployments

The most common error is to keep legacy processes rigid and not target low-or-medium-complexity processes that return the fastest and greatest efficiency savings

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