Ankur Mittal

Co-founder, Inflection Point Ventures

Ankur Mittal joined TTS in 2009 and is based out of India, where he focuses on the expansion of TTS’s operations in the Asia-Pacific region. He started his investment banking career at Citigroup’s Strategy and M&A group where he focused on identifying growth opportunities in the North America and EMEA regions. He then worked for the Citigroup Pension Investments Group as part of the team responsible for building the Emerging Markets Long Only Equity portfolio for Citigroup’s U.S. Defined Benefit Plan. Ankur’s passion for M&A and dynamism of the EMEA region then spurred a move to Credit Suisse’s M&A group in London where he worked as a generalist, covering in particular FIG (emerging markets banking and alternative investments), spirits, media, telecom, airlines and white goods.


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