Ashu Khanna

Founder and CEO, Arka Leadership



How To Avoid Getting Burnout

If steady pressure has you feeling powerless, disheartened, and totally tired, you might be on the bumpy highway to burnout. Find out what you can possibly do to recover your stability and feel optimistic and confident again.

Growth Strategies

Climbing The Ladder Of Success

One of the common denominators to achieving success is discipline. Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger you become


Are You a Passionate Entrepreneur? You Must Know this

If the entrepreneur develops an attachment to achieving outcomes, there is danger of losing sight of the vision


The Other Side of Leadership

A common belief that only 'I' can do it or what will 'I' do if I let go, inhibits the entrepreneur from delegating, thus obstructs the growth of the person and business

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