Atul Khekade

Atul Khekade, Early Investor and Ecosystem Developer - XinFin

A computer engineer by education and 14 years of experience in technology and business
management, Atul Khekade has built several companies and driven millions in revenue by scaling these businesses worldwide. He is also the Co-Founder of XinFin where he is dedicated towards investor management and developing alliances with corporates and governments worldwide.



Why Blockchain Is the Best Thing That Happened to International Trade

The extensive acceptance of Blockchain in international trade will help in decreasing the friction in the international economy.


If you Thought Blockchain was Amazing, Wait till You Read about Hybrid Blockchain

The game-changing Hybrid Blockchain Technology can be used to build enterprise-grade implementations of the open-source technology across different trades leading to real-world use cases


Here's Why You Should be Familiar with Blockchain

2018 is expected to see a lot of regulators and industries investing in resources to train their staff on the machinations of blockchain

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