Christina Preetha


Christina writes about artificial intelligence and fashion-tech at Mad Street Den?—?which is a computer vision-based AI startup whose cloud-based AI platform offers a wide range of products to businesses across the globe in fashion, retail, IoT, robotics, gaming and more.



Getting In On The Deep Learning Hype

Why it's important to understand and start talking about deep learning.


Are We Jumping The Gun When We Worry About AI?

It's time to take a more balanced view of how artificial intelligence can impact us and vice versa.


Selling Style And Other Intangibles On The Internet

Fitting the product to every customer's individual preference, will eCommerce stores be able to make that possible?


What is Computer Vision, Really?

Computer vision has been around for many decades, but recently, we're witnessing a major resurgence of interest in how machines 'see', and how computer vision can be used to build products for consumers and businesses.


The Future Of Fashion As We See It

Several technologists and designers predict that real clothes will start resembling science fiction. Again.

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