Divay Kumar

CEO & Founder, O4S

Divay Kumar is the CEO and Founder, O4S. He has a strong background as a consultant in Big Data Analytics with projects in Visa, P&G, World Bank, UN. He is responsible for overseeing the company's business strategy. He founded the company with a vision for streamlining supply chain procedures in India's unorganized retail market which became
possible through O4S's pioneered technology. 

As the CEO of the company, he has diligently taken initiatives and proactive measures that helped the organization grow consistently. With his vision for the organization, he was able to convince the investors to invest hefty funds in O4S that will further support the growth of the organization. Besides, he is continuously striving to build an environment that comprises deeper employee engagements.

Divay has over 8 years of experience in the consulting industry, with deep knowledge and understanding about analytics. He is an alumnus of Thapar University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering. He is well-versed with prominent computer programming languages such as Structured Query Language (SQL), R, and Excel VBA, among others.



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