Divyan Gupta

Founder & CEO, Artanddecors.com

Divyan Gupta a serial entreprenuer has set a mark in e-commerce industry. in 2013, Art and Decors was recognized as being amongst the top 8% of all start-ups in India by NASSCOM under its grand 10,000 Startups Program. 


Growth Strategies

How A Bootstrapped eCommerce Company Can Focus On Traction

A little patience in the beginning and financial discipline would allow you to focus on something very important.


Sustaining A Startup: Tackling initial fund raising challenges

Raising funds from external investors is not only the costliest form of fundraising, it is also one of the most time consuming.

Starting a Business

3 Tips to Run a Bootstrapped Company Successfully

How a Bootstrapped E-Commerce Company Can Focus On Traction to Generate Revenue/ Target for Fund Raising

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