Dr. Abhay Chopada

Co-founder - Clinivanatge.

Dr.Abhay Chopda a passionate leader with deep understanding of healthcare issues and leveraging of technology to address healthcare issues globally ranging from poor efficiency, manpower gaps, poor patient experience and lack of access to healthcare. He practices as a Consultant Surgeon in the private sector and is deeply involved in strategic and executive roles with healthcare institutions from operational transformation to M&As. 
Dr.Abhay co-founded Clinivantage.com in 2015 which now has an operational presence in 9 countries including UK,India, Malaysia ,Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, Ghana ,UAE and Saudi Arabia with a patient footprint in excess of 10 million patients with 35+ signed up hospitals and global associations with IT majors like Hitachi ,Edifecs and IBM. Clinivantage is an multi award winning, disruptive solution which excels in transforming the entire patient experience and offers a unique innovating data platform for healthcare which integrates IoT devices and transforms operational efficiency in healthcare space. Clinivantage has created extremely innovative tools for patient CRM and Physician empowerment unlocking novel revenue streams for providers and are currently serving the entire healthcare ecosystem ranging from Individuals , Clinics, Hospitals to Major insurance providers, TPAs and Public health programe across the globe.



How Technology can be Leveraged to Offer Personal Healthcare Management Services

Digital data platforms and integrated devices will transform healthcare form a physical interaction limited to a physician's consulting room to a truly innovative, high quality digital experience free from physical co-location of the doctor

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