Hersh Shah

CEO, Institute of Risk Management - India Affiliate


Growth Strategies

How ERM Can Assist MSMEs In Reducing Climate Change Risks

Using ERM helps MSMEs gain economic and financial insight to develop risk-based mitigation strategies, as well as in developing risk assessments and response plans

Business News

Risks Arising Out Of Wars And How Corporates Can Try To Reduce the Impact

In the interconnected global supply chain, interruptions in one corner of the world can have cascading repercussions across many other regions


Academia And Industry Must Come Together To Ensure Future-Ready Risk Education

The pandemic has also revealed the necessity of building resilient organizations that can stay agile in the face of global uncertainties

News and Trends

Risk Consulting Practice: An Entrepreneurial Opportunity

The increasing awareness of risk management also holds scope for risk professionals to establish their own ventures

Growth Strategies

Entrepreneurial Lessons To Learn From 2020 For Having a Better 2021

Businesses should capitalize on the opportunity this year has provided, to evaluate how they fared in terms of risk management and achievement of business objectives

News and Trends

Risk Literacy: Need Of the Hour

Whether it is turbulence or uncertainty; risk is inherently involved in every business scenario and hence, risk and risk literacy must become part of common business parlance

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