Kinzal Jalan

Freelancer, Entrepreneur India


Growth Strategies

5 Simple Daily Life Tips For Young Entrepreneurs Till They Make It Big

While it has been your motivation that got you walking into the shoes of an entrepreneur, your daily habits are what will take you to heights you deserve


Why Your Luxury Brand Must Create More Video Content

Video content is undoubtedly the present and future of marketing goods from the luxury segment. Read more for the reasons behinds its success & the best practices you can follow.


Here Are the Benefits of Working as a Freelancer

Freelancing makes it very simple for a person to choose the type of work based on what interests and benefits them best


Successful Networking Tips For Early Stage Entrepreneurs

For an early stage entrepreneur the most important thing is to make his presence felt and the lucid way of doing it is with the help of social media

Growth Strategies

Here's How You Can Ensure Your Team Stays Motivated

Good businessmen know the secret to keep their teams happy

Starting a Business

Are You Making These Common Mistakes in Your Start-up?

A small yet very important factor for an entrepreneur is to pay careful attention to all legal compliances while starting or even terminating a venture

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