Krishna Handa

Founder of Claris Capital

Ms Krishna Handa, an inspiring entrepreneur and philanthropist, follows a simple philosophy of being a self-starter. Today, as the founder of Claris Capital – a Venture Capital & Private Equity company, and Brihati Foundation, Ms. Handa has gained recognition as a serial entrepreneur who takes risks and believes in creating more leaders than followers. After completing her bachelors’ degree in bio-technology and bio-chemistry, Ms. Handa studied law to get a wholesome view of regulatory procedures. To gain insight in business administration, Ms. Handa enrolled herself in Suffolk University, Boston, where she earned her MBA degree and learnt nuances of policy making. All these training groomed her for series of ventures that were human centric and technology focused.
At the age of 25, Ms. Handa studied the market and concluded that there is an opportunity in the space of Contract R&D in the field of niche generics. She formulated a plan to start a B2B company that can keep up with the cutting-edge technology. She founded Dorizoe Lifesciences – a Specialty Contract Research & Development Organization. With focus on quality and regulatory requirement, Dorizoe provides end-to-end product development services to its clients engaged in niche generic injectables segments comprising general parenterals, lyophilized, oncology injectables, oral liquids, ophthalmics and semi solid formulations. 

The birth of Dorizoe led to many ventures, some took off and some didn’t. Irrespective of these uncertainties, Ms. Handa never gave up.  Guided by humility and her observant outlook, Ms. Handa started Claris Capital in 2016. As a venture capital company, Claris Capital aims to motivate aspiring young entrepreneurs to get started in entrepreneurship at an early stage. Going by the intent of creating better societies and empowering communities, Ms. Handa hopes to mentor entrepreneurs that have the ability to execute an idea that can make an impact on society.


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