Lokesh Bevara

CEO & Co-founder of FOOM

Lokesh Bevara is the Co-founder & CEO at FOOM (A subscription based platform/start-up for drinks), with over 10 years of experience in Product development, Marketing & Sales, Business development, Operations, Strategy, Pricing and Financial planning. A Stanford University Graduate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Lokesh began his professional career as a software engineer with EMC followed by a one year stint with IBM ISL. His journey as an entrepreneur started in the year 2012.

 As a founder of five start-ups (myprepaidtaxi.com, 360Cabs, 360ride Sendthrume and FOOM), Lokesh actively mentors other start-ups and give talks on entrepreneurship in colleges.


Starting a Business

All you Need to Know Before Stepping into the Start-up World!

Find a burning problem as it will help any start-up get paid customer on board in a shorter period than anticipated

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