Moritz Kothe

CEO of Kununu

Moritz Kothe is Chief Executive Officer of kununu, and Senior Vice President International for
XING AG. Prior to leading kununu’s U.S. expansion, Moritz helped to grow XING AG business
from a 200 million dollar market cap to the billion dollar business it is today. In that role, he led
business-to- consumer subscriptions and XING’s advertising businesses. Moritz started his
career with Tchibo in London before moving to the Hamburg-based headquarters of the
company building up new business.

Moritz graduated from the University of Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany with a degree in business administration in 2003. He currently lives with his family in Boston, Massachusetts and is not only an avid runner, but a vocal supporter of the FC Bayem soccer team. Moritz is excited to add American sports to his
hobbies in a city where sports teams abound.



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