Mr.Vishal Gupta

Co-founder and CEO, DIRO Labs

Vishal is a self-taught coder & though he does not have an Engineering background, he had been winning coding competitions (state, national & international) in middle & high school (1991-96).  He continued coding & completed several certificate courses like Microsoft Solution Developer till around 2000 when he went to pursue Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Bentley College, Boston. 

He dropped out of his MBA in 2000 to start an offshore IT enabled business process outsourcing venture.  That venture forward integrated into mobile network (MVNO) in Australia and grew to a $50 million top-line with 600 people working in India.  Changes in Australian Consumer Law 2011 forced an exit and the business was sold to M2 Communications.  After that Vishal started a remote tech-support for small & medium size enterprises globally.  This business currently employs more than 100+ people, however recently Vishal has sold his shares to the operating partner to focus on his Fintech venture- Diro dIAM (operated by Vcare Technologies Private Limited).



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