Muthu Singaram

Founder, VibaZone (Canada, India and Malaysia) and CEO, HTIC-MedTech Incubator, IIT Madras


Singaram has been working with entrepreneurs, companies, individuals, government organizations, regional ministries in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology incubation, technology acceleration , innovation, technology transfer and leadership for more than 25 years.

He has conducted workshops for technology transfer managers in the regions to enable them to carry out technology transfer.


Growth Strategies

The 4 Ps of Product Devolvement

Getting a product to this stages require lots of effort, patience and money but it would be a rewarding experience to see our product used by a large audience


Challenges in Biotechnology and the Way Forward

Biotechnologists must be able to handle the society and address the controversial aspects of bringing a technology or a product in use

Starting a Business

#4 Levels on Which Incubator, Accelerator and Co-working Spaces Work for Startups

Incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces should define their operational levels as many are run with no operational expertise and hence produce poor results

Starting a Business

How can Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working Spaces in India Help Innovation?

Many of the start-ups fail here as these are generally early-stage and require lots of time, resources and effort

News and Trends

How to Prevent Mentoring Failures and Poor Results

Some of the reasons for poor results happens when there is no improvement in the mentee's performance in the areas of management and interpersonal skills

News and Trends

What are the Different Types of Mentoring?

Mentors have two roles - one as experts and the other as role model

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