Namit Jain

Founder - ONN Bikes

Namit Jain, 26, is the Founder of ONN Bikes, India’s first and leading bike rental service startup with presence in over 10 cities managing fleet of over 2500 bikes.

Namit is an Internet visionary with rich experience in global consumer internet & E-commerce Industry.His broader vision to provides every Indian with an access to mobility which makes ONN Bikes a very disruptive platform for providing an easy and affordable mode of alternate transport through multiple models. Namit is a firm believer that strong product USP’s and organic growth are the essential parameters for long-term sustainability in today's funding environment. He is very optimistic that in coming years ONN Bikes will revolutionize the way people address their daily travel problems& encourage new age folks to adopt newer ways to an affordable mode of transport based on their need.



Growth Strategies

How to Raise Funds to Scale Up Your Operations

With expansion comes the additional burden of expenses and it becomes very important to have control on cash burns

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