Naveen Mandava

Co-founder of IMAX Program

As the Co-Founder, Naveen is responsible for developing commercial products in line with the company vision of IMAX Program by ClassKlap. His focus is on the user experience and productization using the methods of customer development and design research. 

Naveen has had extensive education domain experience across USA and India and has worked in the areas of content development, assessments, and program design. His background is in education data analytics, public policy and markets with execution experience.

He has earlier worked at RAND Corporation (USA) as a Doctoral Fellow on projects like Value Added Assessments and Reuse of Digital Training Content. Next, he worked with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) where he implemented the School Choice Impact Evaluation across 1500 schools for the World Bank-Harvard University-Legatum consortium. Earlier in his policy research career with CCS, Naveen worked on multiple projects: sectoral studies of government and private schools; state education boards and their regulatory impact on school academics; and others.



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