Neeraj Chaudhary

Co-founder, Eshopbox

In his current role at Eshopbox, Neeraj commands the business strategy, sales and marketing efforts. 

Eshopbox is an on-demand e-Commerce technology, services and order fulfillment company. Neeraj leads an enterprise sales team that consults with retail and manufacturing brands on their e-Commerce initiatives and growth strategies. Neeraj acquires scalable e-Commerce projects and delivers affordable solutions that are right for clients' e-Business growth while maintaining a reasonable cost of ownership. Apart from his core concentration areas he works closely with customers and team to monitor the planning, implementation, development strategy and launch of clients' e-Commerce projects. He strategises branding outlook, promotion campaigns and merchandising of brands to help them maximizing their revenues.

Neeraj has driven the vision & strategy for Eshopbox over the past 5 years helping the company emerge as a fast growing Internet company by acquiring a large client base in India in e-Retail space.


Growth Strategies

How Aspiring Companies In Fashion Industry Can Enter This Highly Competitive eRetail Market

Successful e-commerce is about having the right orchestration of various activities that delivers an end-to-end shopping experience.

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