Rajdipkumar Gupta

MD and Group CEO at Route Mobile Limited


Growth Strategies

#10 Ways to Start a Conversation With Customers Using WhatsApp Business Solutions

Here's how brands can get their customers to start a conversation with them using WhatsApp Business API through


CPaaS: A Great Platform that Transforms the Way Enterprises Communicate

The goal for an enterprise is said to be achieved, only when the targeted revenue generation is accomplished along with customer satisfaction and retention

Growth Strategies

Direct Carrier Billing: a Bridge Towards Convenient Billing/Commerce

Here's how direct carrier billing (DCB) is the answer to a modern-day payment mechanism


Direct Carrier Billing: A Bridge Towards Convenient Commerce

DCB is for sure a keeper for businesses that aim to attain traction and make consumers' billing process a simple task along with the technical superiority that it has, it is lucrative for businesses as well as for consumers


Deliver content straight to the Inbox; How to Surpass the Spam Filter

Communication and the Spam Filter: Ways you can avoid your emailers from getting blocked

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