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Direct Carrier Billing: a Bridge Towards Convenient Billing/Commerce Here's how direct carrier billing (DCB) is the answer to a modern-day payment mechanism

By Rajdipkumar Gupta

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As the market is flooded with latest technologies, innovations, and ideas to ease out processes that require human intervention, mobile phones so far have been the only technology to sustain and serve the needs of consumers. While people have multiple means to get connected, mobile phones can be thought of as the most convenient and easily available medium of communication.

Considering the great success that mobile phones have witnessed, their magnitude of capability is not just confined to making calls and simplifying communication. It has become one of the mediums to make various payments and other billings. While billing and payment is in most instances a tedious task, how about having a single solution that can make payments an easy task?

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is the answer to a modern-day payment mechanism.

What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Direct Carrier Billing is a type of online payment that allows consumers to charge the cost of a purchase to their phone bill. To put simply, it is a mechanism which enables consumers to make transactions while adding its charge to their mobile phone bills. The best part about this type of payment is that it is applicable not only to smartphone users but also all feature phone users.

The emergence of Direct Carrier Billing can be witnessed back at times when consumers opted for ringtone and wallpaper services on their feature phones. Unlike those days, DCB is now completely extensive in its usability and compatible to buy content on any digital platform. It allows users to purchase products and services across multiple channels, ranging from desktop computers, smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc. Adding on to that, they can also buy music streaming subscription on their device.

Consumers can often misinterpret DCB with different kinds of mobile payments such as Near-field communication (NFC) solutions and mobile wallets. One of the key differences between these traditional payment methods and DCB is DCB's independence on banking infrastructure to complete a transaction. Making a payment through it is as simple as that of entering a phone number.

DCB is for sure a keeper for businesses that aim to attain traction and make consumers' billing process a simple task. Along with the technical superiority that it has, it is lucrative for businesses as well as for consumers.

Factors bridging the gap between tedious payment process and easy billing ways:

Easy to use

DCB is a payment mode designed to simplify the payment process. It does not require one to add lengthy details and sensitive information related to the payment. Ease of using is one of the most important traits that it offers to its consumers.

Easy Accessibility

Since DCB is a payment method which is directly linked to consumers' mobile phone bill, it completely eliminates the need to sign in each time one makes a purchase. Besides that, it supports smartphones, tablets, and also feature phones making it widely usable and accessible.

Entrusted Payment Method

Consumers find it comparatively easy to trust this mode of payment as all their payments are processed through their telecom operators. Based on the length of the service used by consumers provided by their telecom operators, the consumer can trust them with their private details. Owing to the technological power of DCB, it has deployed a great deal of security system which ensures high-level payment security.

The use of mobile phones in the simplest of the tasks is prevalent, it can be attested that this number is to rise with the evolving telecom industry. More so, the total number of registered mobile money accounts in 2018 reached million, which showed a growth of 20per cent over the previous year.

These figures certainly attest the anticipated success of mobile money and hence a stronger future of a simple and easily accessible payment mode- Direct Carrier Billing.

Considering the vastness of Direct Carrier Billing, it is certainly the key to escalated consumer satisfaction and experience.

Simplify payment procedure with Direct Carrier Billing today!

Rajdipkumar Gupta

MD and Group CEO at Route Mobile Limited

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