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Restaurant Businesses are Seeing Aerocity as The Prime Location Ingredient in Delhi

Aerocity in Delhi has become what Cyber Hub is to Gurugram.


Restaurateur Shivam Sehgal Sees an Untapped Business Opportunity in Delhi's Dwarka

In a tête-à-tête with Restaurant India, Shivam Sehgal, founder of The Market Place restaurant, shares how he is planning to go big with his restaurant


This Smoothie Players Does INR 20-25 lakh Biz at Its Top Performing Outlet in Bengaluru

In a telephonic conversation with Restaurant India Samrat Reddy of Drunken Monkey talks about India' first smoothie chain

Growth Strategies

What Makes Your Food Menu Unique? Know It All From Chef Manish Mehrotra

In an interview with Restaurant India, Chef Manish Mehrotra shares secret to menu designing and planning at Indian Accent and the newly-launched Comorin restaurants

Growth Strategies

"Finding Right Partners Is The Key To Expand"

Dubai-based leading French bakery and restaurant Pascal Tepper is all set to mark its debut in India with World Iconic Brands

Growth Strategies

How can Restaurants Save Time with Smart Transportation and Storage

His capability of managing back-end with short staff or less material showcases his ability and results in reduced costs

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