Rini Dutta

Founder, Centric Brand Advisors

Rini is the founder of Centric Brand Advisors, a firm helping brand grow faster than the competition. Their services include Brand Positioning, Retail Strategy and Process Diagnotics.  She is a graduate of IIM Calcutta and has experience in anything to do with branding.



# 7 Steps To The Right Location For Quick Service Restaurants

The choice of location of a quick service restaurant should be consistent with the brand's style and image

Growth Strategies

What It Takes To Create Professional Front Liners

In our country, millions of people are looking for a better standard of living without proper education or adequate skill sets.

Starting a Business

#6 Steps For Start-Ups At CrossRoads To Stay The Course

The most important aspect of business is having patience and the willingness to invest in the future of the firm.

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