Sameer Dua

Founder Director, The Institute for Generative Leadership, India

Sameer Dua is the founder director of The Institute for Generative Leadership, India. He is also the founder of Gift Your Organ Foundation.



2 Reasons Why Top Performers Refuse to Change

Most of the leaders are constantly functioning at a level lower than what is currently expected of them

Growth Strategies

Team Needs a Coach Who is Trained to Become One

The coaches of other sporting teams will learn from this fiasco, and the respective sports bodies begin to train coaches to be coaches

Growth Strategies

Did You Make A Powerful Entry into 2018?

If you bring in intention and action, nothing can stop you from achieving your promises for 2018


#5 Key Conversations CEOs Must Have with Their Teams

Many CEOs I know who have mastered these conversations and have generated great results


#8 Key Reasons Why Every CEO Must Have a Coach

A coach reveals your blind spots to you. Let's face it! All of us have blind spots, including the CEO


How to Build Upon Your Leadership Skills

If you are looking to develop your leadership capacity, look for institutions that work on your practices and support you to shift your practices

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