Samit Choksi

Co-founder, ThinkPhi

Samit Choksi is the Co-founder of Thinkphi a clean technology company innovating sustainably engineered products that help intelligently conserve water, energy and waste. Prior to this Samit has co-founded and worked at various start-ups in India and Silicon Valley as a software architect and developer. He has worked closely on product development at a Fortune 500 data base technology company while living in the USA. Spending most of his life outside India, upon moving back he was motivated to build products that aspire to have global standards in quality and finish. With a love for the nature and the environment he is currently realizing his dream of building simple but intelligent products that influence user behaviour to conserve earth’s natural resources. Thinkphi’s first product is a patented system which smartly converges water harvesting and renewable energy for open spaces in smart cities, industries, or large campuses.

Studying and living in places like Singapore and San Francisco, Samit self-created a BSc degree in Management and Computer Science. He has filed several patents on messaging technology to his most recent clean tech inventions. Samit has spoken at various conferences including TEDx gateway. He enjoys learning languages, cooking to relax, and reading articles on theoretical computer science.



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