Sandeep Kotecha and Praneta Mehta

Founders at The Kettlery

Born and brought up in Ahemdabad, the young couple gathered their extensive research and experience in the hospitality industry to get Mumbai it's first vegetarian tea Bar.

 Sandeep drew his inspiration from a social gathering while he was drinking 'masala chai' in Gujarat. This is when he first launched The Kettlery in Ahemadabad three years ago which is up and running successfully today. Going from strength to strength, the young couple has now launched an outlet in the buzzing neighbourhood of Juhu, Mumbai. 

The ultimate passion of The Kettlery is to create and nurture the culture of  drinking exotic teas and tisanes sourced from across the world.


Growth Strategies

Why Food Business Is Now Retail First?

Today's customers are looking for trendy things and value for money at the same time,accordingly the industry has also evolved in a stylish manner to cater the requirements

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