Sandesh Kangod


Bringing with him a rich experience of more than a decade in sales is Sandesh Kangod, co-founder and CEO of Sandesh understands the importance behind presenting an idea in the most innovative and appealing fashion and has been instrumental in introducing the unique concept of into the market. He wears many hats with aplomb and excels in his diverse roles. Theatre is one of his pet passions and is at his happiest when he steps on stage. He has written and directed two short movies, and acted in several plays. An artist by passion and a sales guru by profession, Sandesh along with his team are working towards scripting the perfect growth journey for


Growth Strategies

How Organizations Stand to Gain a Lot By Reskilling Employees

An employer should accept upskilling as a tool to constantly broaden his perspective and for an employee, it is his tool to stay in the game

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