Saroja Yeramilli

CEO and founder, Melorra

Saroja Yeramilli is the CEO and founder at Melorra, one of the fastest-growing, fashion-inspired jewellery brand. Founded in 2016, the brand aims to create fashion-forward fine jewellery to meet the changing wardrobe needs of a modern woman. Melorra was born with her passion for innovation and her extensive collaboration with industry bodies like the World Gold Council, Diamond Trading Corporation (DeBeers), and Platinum Gold International.

She is a seasoned professional with 20 years of diverse experience in building successful brands in India and the USA. Saroja is responsible for transforming the brand Tanishq into an aspirational jewellery brand in the country. Her professional milestones include launching Tanishq stores in the USA and launching work-wear jewellery for the first time in the Indian jewellery segment.

An entrepreneur with immense experience in retail and expertise in setting up multicenter retail chain, she has leveraged her knowledge to redefine the contemporary fashion jewellery space in the country. An alumnus of Xavier Institute of Management, she started her career in Ogilvy and Mather as an account executive. With the passion for gaining knowledge, she had joined Mudra communications to develop her sense of the market. She joined Titan in 1994 as the advertising head and internally moved to head sales for Tanishq. During her tenure at Tanishq, she proved her expertise in generating consumer demand and received high profitability. She later moved to head operations at the Marico-Kaya skin clinic. With vast proficiency in various fields from sales to advertising, Saroja was still on the lookout to acquire new knowledge in the field of marketing. She shifted to Dell Pvt ltd. to understand the retail space better. 

After two decades of profound experience, she founded Melorra - India’s leading technologically advanced fine jewellery creators who deliver ground-breaking designs that are original, contemporary and fashion-forward. 



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